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Piezometric Pipes

Piezometric Pipes


Material UPVC
Shape Round
Thickness 10-20mm
Certification ISI Certified
Application Construction, Industrial, Plumbing
Color Multicolor
Features Crack Proof, Excellent Quality
Screen and Casing for Environmental Monitoring Wells Benefits:
  • Quality pipe for well installations
  • Sleeved in a biodegradable* plastic wrap for more sustainability. A first in Australia for reducing plastic waste and helping the environment
  • Available in 50mm (PN18) and 100mm (PN12) sizes
  • 25mm Schedule 40 casing and screen also stocked
  • Well caps to suit
  • Bottom end caps available, including the universal 'FlexiPoint 50'.

*Biodegradation of sleeving has been verified by an independent laboratory using ASTM D5511 for anaerobic landfill conditions.


  • Easy installation handling and transport due to low Weight.
  • Suitable for transportation of drinking water due to its inert characteristics.
  • Durability useful life of over hundred years without showing we are due to fouling, Chemical reaction and the surrounding environment.
  • Low-cost compared to other products on the market.
  • Coupling system through the thread with the trapezoidal profile.


Applications of Piezometric Pipes
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Sampling of Groundwater
  • Installation of Data Logger


Cut your costs for well installation and operate more sustainably on site:

  • Each pair of 3m lengths of pipe is sleeved in biodegradable plastic, which means the sleeving will biodegrade* away when disposed to a landfill, allowing you to help reduce the amount of plastic waste build-up.
  • Most Environmental screen and casing is wrapped in conventional plastic but this is adding to our plastic waste problem. Only Vinyl Well screen is wrapped in biodegradable* plastic preventing further plastic waste. We also use biodegradable packing tape in our shipments.
  • Vinyl Well screen is made from uPVC, & to class 18 size and is manufactured following the Australian Standard for Monitoring Wells. Each piece has a coarse male/female thread for easy field assembly and is o’ring sealed.


Our Biodegradable* plastic wrapping:

  • Will only biodegrade once in a microbe-rich environment such as a landfill
  • Does not require high oxygen or temperature to biodegrade such as in a commercial compost
  • Helps you to operate more sustainably


Order information :

  • PC05030T18 - 50 mm Casing, Cl 18, 3.0 m, M/F
  • PS05030T18 - 50 mm Screen Cl 18, 3.0 m, M/F, 0.5 mm slits, 4 mm spacings
  • PECFlexi50 - Flexipoint 50, push-in pointed end cap, 50mm PN18, recycled plastic
  • PC10030T12 - 100 mm Casing, Cl 12, 3.0 m, M/F
  • PS10030T12 - 100 mm Screen Cl 12, 3.0 m, M/F, 0.5 mm slits, 6 mm spacings
  • PECFlexi50 - Flexipoint 50, push-in pointed end cap, 50mm PN18, recycled plastic

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